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Club Electric Blue Agogo, Bangkok
Club Electric Blue Agogo, Patpong, Bangkok

Patpong - getting here

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Every taxi driver knows Patpong so simply saying "Patpong" will get you there, or if you want to practice saying that in the Thai language, say "by Patpong" which means "go to Patpong".  Please note that Patpong is located in one of the major business districts of Bangkok, so traffic in the area can be busy at times.  Your hotel will be able to advise you if it is best to take a taxi or one of the alternative methods of transport listed below.

Bangkok SkytrainSkytrain
The Sala Daeng skytrain station is approximately 200 metres from the main Patpong area.  Simply get off the skytrain and walk down the road - there is a gentle slope going downwards so follow that and you will reach Patpong in less than 5 minutes.

Underground train
The Silom underground station is approximately 300 metres from Patpong.  As with the skytrain, simply exit the station and walk down Silom Road and after a few minutes you will reach Patpong on the right hand side of Silom Road as you are walking down.

Bangkok Tuk TukTuk tuk
An alternative and distinctly Thai means of transport are Bangkok's unique tuk tuks.  Tuk tuks can simply be described as fun, and if you want a really spicy ride, get in a tuk tuk yourself, put your friend in another, and tell the drivers that whoever gets you to Patpong first gets a 100 baht bonus!  You cannot get this sort of fun for the money anywhere else in the world!  It is fun times like that that make Bangkok the city we all enjoy!

By Car
There is a multi-storey car park located between Foodland and Club Electric Blue Agogo, on Soi 2, with space for 1,000 cars. 

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