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Club Electric Blue Agogo, Bangkok
Club Electric Blue Agogo, Patpong, Bangkok

Patpong's Night Market

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Patpong Night MarketThe night market at Patpong started something like 15 years ago and has been a major draw to the area since, and has in fact been responsible for the diversification of visitors to the Pattaya area.  The market sets up late afternoon and is open for business around the time it gets dark, that is around 6:30 PM, through until around 2 AM.

Here you can find all sorts of interesting merchandise from Thai handicrafts to peter to knock-off designer clothes, watches and football shorts.  Haggle away and you'll be amazed at how cheap you can get things for.

Patpong Night MarketThis is a great place to buy souvenirs, or a copy of that expensive Swiss watch you have always wanted.  It is also the place with the newest counterfeit DVD movies in Thailand.  Amongst the other contraband on offer is knives and other small weapons!  Even if you're not in the market to buy something, the Patpong night market is fun to stroll around and browse before entering one of the bars for a nice, cold drink.  Please note that bargaining is expected and you should be able to get the price down to about 50% of the original offer.

Patpong's night market is one of the few areas where you need to be aware of what is happening around you.  The lanes are narrow and reports of pickpockets are not uncommon, although violent crime is very unusual in the area.

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