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Patpong's Japanese Nightlife - Soi Thaniya

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Soi ThaniyaSoi Thaniya is the home of Japanese nightlife in Bangkok, and is part of the Patpong area.  Known to locals as Little Tokyo, this area is the domain of Japanese businessmen resident in Bangkok as well as Japanese businessmen and tourists passing through.

While Westerners are welcome to enter the bars of Soi Thaniya, it is best to go with a Japanese friend.  Some bars will only allow Westerners or non-Japanese to enter with a Japanese host.  This is because the way the bars operate is very much geared towards the Japanese way of going out, involving karaoke and in most establishments it is compulsory to have a companion look after you.  It goes without saying that the prices in Soi Thaniya are sky high.

There are a number of small Japanese restaurants in Soi Thaniya as well as Thaniya Plaza which is full of all things golf: golf shops, golf apparel, golf balls, golf mementos.  If you're crazy about golf, you'll like the plaza.

Truth be told, the bars and stores on Soi Thaniya may not appeal to the average non-Japanese visitor but the lane is still worth strolling through and checking out, especially at night when all of the neon comes alive.

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