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Club Electric Blue Agogo, Bangkok
Club Electric Blue Agogo, Patpong, Bangkok

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Bangkok is the most renowned spot in the world for nightlife, and Patpong is Bangkok's most famous, and longest running nightlife area.  It is hard to imagine that in such a small area you can find such a huge variety of bars, and believe us when we say that whatever you fancy, you'll find it at Patpong!

The main Patpong area is two sois (soi = lane in English) that run between Silom and Suriwong Roads, two of the main roads in the business district of Bangkok.  Each lane is about 250 metres long and is lined with bars of all sorts.  You'll find Bangkok's world famous gogo bars where beautiful Thai women dance to the latest hits.  There are open air beer bars where you can sit back and watch the world go by while enjoying the company of some of the lovely hostesses.  There are live venues and of course there are specialty bars.

Bars go through phases of being popular to less popular, so let us make a few recommendations of bars to visit.

Club Electric Blue AgogoIn Patpong Soi 2, close to the Foodland Supermarket is Club Electric Blue, the most popular of all of Patpong's agogo bars.  Owned and run by Westerners with long experience managing bars, Club Electric Blue makes a point of creating a comfortable setting for the girls and customers.

Queen Castle II Camelot CastleOther popular bars with pretty ladies on the premises include King's Castle 1 & 2, Queen's Castle II and Camelot's Castle.  These bars are next to each other in the middle of Patpong Soi 1 and can get very busy. These particular bars are part of the King's Group of Bars, a group of some 15 odd bars owned by the same group.  This group pledges that customers will not have any problems in their bars, always good to know if you are new to Patpong and entering such bars makes you a little nervous.

If you prefer slightly older music, you'll no doubt like Safari, also on Patpong Soi 1.  In business for what seems like an eternity, it is rumoured that the DJ has eschewed purchasing a CD player and still uses vinyl!  This is a small bar with generally friendly service, pretty ladies and really excellent music.

On Patpong Soi 2 are a number of lounge bars that are much more relaxed than the gogo bars on Soi 1.  Here you can find bars such as Cosmos Club, Executive Lounge and Crown Royal which are somewhat more quiet, do not feature scantily clad dancers and where the atmosphere is that little but more comfortable than a noisy bar.  These are ideal spots to relax if all you want is a beer and someone to chat with, as opposed to a view, so to speak.

But everyone has their favourite bars and all of the bars offer something a little different.  This is Thailand and so the prices of drinks and what not are very reasonable.  If you happen to enter a bar that you're not a great fan of, just settle the bill and wander into the next joint.  There are heaps of fun spots for a beer and a laugh on Patpong.

For the more daring, do stop by Kangaroo Bar, The Star Of Light or The Star Of Love, all of which offer a bar format that will be new to most visitors.  Order a beer, sit back and enjoy!

Most bars in Patpong open early evening, although a few of the bars, the open-air beer bars and some of the specialty bars are open during the day.

A few massage parlours can be found on Patpong Soi 2.  Be sure of the type of message you want as some of the massage parlours in the area provide an excellent traditional massage helping to relax you after a long day in the tropical heat, whereas others will be more about trying to satisfy you.

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